Do you need to arrange a meal for your DJ or Band. Well the simple answer is – you don’t have to. Unless of course it’s in the contract. I doubt many DJ’s will have it written into their contracts, many more bands will. It’s often referred to as a rider.

A meal would be very much appreciated if they (the band or DJ) are going to be at your wedding all day or for a long period of time. Catering for your guests can be expensive let alone feeding the entertainment as well.

If you don’t offer then most will take their own food or make other arrangements. This is one of the reasons I would suggest having a pre wedding meeting. Discuss their requirements and bear in mind if you are feeding a band there is more than one mouth to feed!

So the takeaway is that it’s not something you have to do, unless it’s in the contract. But it would be a nice gesture. The same applies to drinks as well. I should also say that personally I do not think it is appropriate to drink alcohol whilst working at a wedding.